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The best wines that the family Dvanajščak – Kozol creates come from vineyards covering almost 8 ha of sunny and elevated areas near the village Dragoslavec, places like Grofovo, Okrugli vrh and Mohokos. Mohokos stands at 344,40 m above sea level and is the highest point of Medjimurje.

“Wine is Sunlight trapped in Water”

Galileo Galilei

Anthony Rose, one of the world’s leading wine tasters and president of The Evaluation Commission at Decanter panel, rated our DK Graševina (Welschriesling) 2006 with 93 points out of 100, placing our wine along with some of the best wines in the world.

“Wine making is our life.”


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In the wine house Dvanajščak – Kozol’s there’s always something going on, come and join us!


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Get to know us and our world, wine house, vineyards and cellars in which mature our wines.

Dry, 10-12 °C
The flavor is refreshing and offers aromas of lemon, lime and green apple. Gentle alcohol levels with stronger acid levels allows consumption with all medium and strong seasoned meals. It’s taste brilliantly demonstrates the potential of this particular variety.


Pinot Noir
Dry, 14-16 °C
Sparkling ruby color with a taste of dried fruits (raspberries with a hint of currant and blackberry) and caramel with a secondary alcohol. There harmoniously developed odor that comes to the fore aging. The taste of wine is very good and delicious in every sense of the word. Fruits and dominates here, and acids are ideally balanced.


DK Count’s Cuvee
Dry, 10-12 °C
A brilliant mixture consisting of: Pinot Blanc, Graševina (Welschriesling), Chardonnay and Moslavac (Furmint). Has a pleasant freshness with a hint of unfermented sugar. The fresh notes give it exceptional fullness and specificity of the Međimurje vineyards.


Pinot Blanc
Dry quality wine
Easy flavor with a floral aroma reminiscent of honey and caramel. Can appear with small and medium acidity levels and higher alcohol content. A gentle wine with attractive aromas of meadow flowers and ripe apples.


Dry, 10-12 °C
With an intensive odor,a greenish-yellow color with a fresh and graceful (harmonious) flavor. The wine is dry, with medium alcohol content, a pleasantly bitter tastethat is specific to a welschriesling. The abundant aroma of apples and nectarines is accompanied by subtle shades of grass and citrus tones. Sweet and sour at the same time with a great retro flavor.


Premium wine of selected vintage
The wine has a golden to straw-yellow color, an intensive odor and a sweet taste that is reminiscent of the smell of roses. It has a very low acid content and higher alcohol content with unfermented sugars.


Rosé pinot noir
Semisweet, 8-10 °C
Has a glittery ruby color and a flavor of dried fruit (raspberry with a hint of currant and blackberry) and caramel with a medium level of alcohol. It has a nicely developed flavor that comes to the fore by aging. The taste of the wine is very good and delicious in every sense of the word. The flavor of fruits prevails, while the acids are ideally balanced.


Pinot white, selected vintage
Semisweet, selected vintage, premium wine
A wine with a slightly pronounced and a very nice smell. After only a few moments it creates lovely aromas of honey and caramel with a refined finish of the noble rot. The flavor is intoxicating, very sweet and thick. Moderate, artfully balanced levels of alcohol and glycerine produce a solid sense of smoothness and drinkability.